The Best Pizza in Sydney

Since a trip to Rome Italy 14 years ago where I tasted the best pizza ever I have searched high and low throughout Sydney to find pizza like they serve in Rome. I have yet to find anything close to what I tasted in Rome though I have found some pretty good pizza in Sydney. Here is a list of places that serve up Sydney's best pizza:

Best Pizza in Sydney - Crinitis Italian Restaurant Sydney

Pizza at Crinitis Italian Restaurant Sydney

With a pizza 2 meters long that stretches the length of the table, with 4 different varieties of pizza on the same pizza, you either have to be really hungry to tackle the pizza at Crinitis or bring along a bunch of friends.

Crinitis' serve up Southern Italian cuisine and excel at their pizza. They also serve up smaller sized pizza, not just their monster 2 meter long pizza.

Crinitis have Sydney restaurants in Darling Harbour, Parramatta, Castle Hill, Wolloomooloo and Manly. They also have a restaurant in Melbourne. Great Italian food and our vote for the best pizza in Sydney

Pizza at Zia Pina The Rocks Sydney

Pizza at Zia Pina's Restaurant The Rocks Sydney

A long time favourite, Zia Pina's Italian Restaurant at The Rocks Sydney have been serving up great pizza and pasta dishes in Sydney since 1976.

Zia Pina's serves up good traditional simple style pizza, with only a few toppings and some delicious cheese and a tomato base. The pepperoni pizza is top choice from their menu.

An easy walk from Circular Quay or Wynyard Train Station Zia Pina's is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week and also serve up a great range of Italian wines including lambrusco which is the perfect red wine to enjoy with pizza.

Pizza at The Port Bar Parramatta Sydney

Pizza at The Port Bar Parramatta Sydney

With indoor dining or a lovely outdoor terrace deck with nice views over Parramatta River and Wharf, The Port Bar have some of the tastiest pizza in all of Sydney.

The Port Bar has a great selection of gourmet pizza including Italian Prawns, Sweet Chicken, Veggie or the Mexican Port (pictured) which has some spicy punch to it. The pizzas are priced from $19 - $25 which is excellent value for some tasty good quality pizza.

With a great range of wines and domestic and imported beer, get down to The Port Bar, get a table in the sun, order up some pizza and drinks and enjoy the view.

Pizza at The Australian Heritage Hotel The Rocks Sydney

Pizza at The Australian Heriage Hotel Sydney

The Australian is a classic Aussie pub located at 100 Cumberland Street in the Rocks Sydney. As well as a heritage pub it also serves up some awesome gourmet pizza.

With gorumet pizzas including Pepper Kangaroo Pizza, Saltwater Crocodile, Roast Peking Duck, Tandoori Chicken, Crispy Bacon, Chorizo and Hot Salami, Spicy Sausage and The Australian which is classic Aussie pizza with double smoked ham, eggs, mushroom, mozarella cheese, olives and BBQ sauce instead of your stock standard tomato base.

With small sized pizzas starting at $16.50 or a large size good for sharing from $22.90.

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