The Best Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soup in Sydney

Pho is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup, pronounced ‘fer’ or ‘fuh’. Pho is simple soup made up of rice noodles and broth, garlic, onion, shallots and is topped with a range of garnishes like bean sprouts and mint leaves and a squirt of fresh lime. More often meat is added, especially thin slices of raw beef and the heat of the soup cooks the beef. Other meat like chicken, pork or seafood is also added to the soup. Pho is almost a staple meal all throughout Vietnam where it is eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So where in Sydney can you get the best Pho Vietnamese noodle soup? Here are some of the best places that serve up this simple but extremely tasty meal:

Cabramatta Sydney - the best Pho in Sydney

Cabramatta has the best Pho

Cabramatta in Sydney's south-west is the best suburb to get Pho noodle soup. Cabramatta has the highest concentration of Vietnamese restaurants so plenty of places to choose from to get good quality, traditional Pho.

There are a couple of stand out restaurants worth visiting to try Pho. Check out Pho Ann which is a small noodle shop located in a small mall just off John Street. Pho Ann's address is 10-12/70-72 John St Cabramatta, located In Belvedere Arcard laneway off John St.

Also Pho Minh is one of the better places in Cabramatta to get Vietnamese Pho noodle soup. Pho Minh is located at 42 Arthur Street Cabramatta.

Pho Thanh Y HSBC Centre George Street Sydney

The Best Pho in Sydney City CBD

Pho Thanh Y is a small Vietnamese shop located in the Pavilion On George food court in the HSBC Centre building on 580 George Street Sydney, just 1 block down from Town Hall Train Station, directly across from KFC near the cinema on George Street. Without doubt Pho Thanh Y serves the best and tastiest Pho noodle soup in Sydney. I tried so many Pho, researching for this article and I enjoyed the Pho from Pho Thanh Y so much more than all the rest. A bowl of the traditional raw sliced beef Pho costs $11. They also serve Pho with chicken fillet as well as with beef brisket and beef balls. Pho Thanh Y also serves a range of other Vietnamese dishes like grilled pork, fresh Vietnamese rolls and crispy chicken.

Pho Thanh Y 580 George Street Sydney
Pho at Nguyen on Erskine Street Sydney


Nguyen on Erskine is a small dine in or take-away Vietnamese restaurant, just 2 blocks down from Wynyard Train Station. Nguyen on Erskine comes in at a very close second place for some of the tastiest Pho noodle soup in Sydney CBD. Their stock very very tasty and they have probably the best quality rice noodles in their Pho soup. The beef Pho at Nguyen on Erskine costs $10.50. They also offer a chicken Pho as well as a great range of other Vietnamese dishes. Nguyen on Erskine in located at 52A Erksine Street Sydney.

Nguyen on Erskine Street Sydney near Wynyard Station

Pho at Saigon Pho in Sydney's Chinatown


Saigon Pho is a small Vietnamese food restaurant located in the food court on the top floor of the Sussex Centre in Sydney's Chinatown. Saigon Pho sells their Pho sliced beef rice noodle soup for $9.80. They also serve a special beef noodle soup with has the thin slices of raw beef as well as roast beef and beef balls for $10.50. They also serve their chicken fillet Pho for $9.80. Saigon Pho sell the best Pho noodle soup in Chinatown. Quick service and friendly staff.

Saigon Pho Vietnamese Traditional Style Sydney Chinatown
Pho at The Naughty Chef Hunter Arcade Sydney Wynyard Station

The Naughty Chef Hunter Arcade Wynyard Sydney

The Naughty Chef is a bit of an institution for cheap, quick Vietnamese food at Sydney lunch time. This place is always popular with a line forming outside the restaurant shortly after 12pm, with office workers queing to order their pho noodle soups. Located in the Hunter Arcade close to Wynyard Station they have a dine in section or take-away available. The Naughty Chef sells their traditional raw sliced beef Pho for $11. The chicken Pho is $10. They also serve there special spicy beef noodle soup and spice chicken noodle soup. The also have a vegetarian Pho with tofu and a selection of vegetables for $10. It is best to get there right on 12pm to get your order in and get a table before the crowds start to line up.

The Naughty Chef Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup
Pho Pasteur Vietnamese Restaurant Parramatta Sydney

The Best Pho Noodle Soup in Parramatta

At Parramatta there is another Vietnamese speciality restaurant which serves an excellent Pho noodle Soup. Pho Pasteur has been serving up great Vietnamese food for years. Located at 137 Church Street Parramatta. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week you will always find Pho Pasteur full of Vietnamese families enjoy a bowl of tasty Pho. Pho Pasteur also serves up one of the best bowls of spicy Laksa Soup - check out the Best Laska in Sydney.

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