Best Laksa in Sydney

If you are not familiar with Laksa then it is time you tried one of these huge bowls of yumminess. Laksa is a spicy noodle soup which comes from Peranakan cuisine (from the Chinese immigrants to Malaysia and Singapore). Laksa is originally from Singapore and Malaysia though you will find Laksa in most south-east Asian counties including Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. Laksa is a spicy coconut based soup with noodles, vegetables, bean curd and a choice of meats including chicken, beef and seafood.

You will find Laksa at many restaurants in Sydney including Singaporean, Malaysian and Vietnamese restaurants all over Sydney. So what is the best Laksa in Sydney? Well there are many good ones to be found in Sydney but here is our list of the best Laksa in Sydney:

Number 1 Laksa in Sydney

Happy Chef in Sydney Chinatown

We believe the best Laksa in Sydney is found in Chinatown. There are plenty of food courts that serve Laksa though the best to be served is at the Happy Chef located in the food court on the top floor of the Sussex Street Centre. The Happy Chef has a huge pot of the delightful Laksa soup ready to go all day long. They have a choice of noodles to go into the Laksa including Laksa noodle, a thin tasty noodle, egg noodles, rice noodles flat noodles - but why go for anything other than the tasty Laksa noodle. They then offer a choice of vegetarian (though the soup is not vegetarian as it is a chicken soup base) chicken, beef, prawn, seafood and the best of them all the spicy beef. They take spicy beef, which just falls apart, and they add it to the spicy soup - pure genius!

Number 1 laksa in Sydney - Happy Chef

Number 2 Laksa in Sydney

Jimmy's Recipe at The Galleries Sydney CBD

Jimmy's Recipe is a casual dining restaurant located with The Galleries shopping mall at 500 George Street Sydney CBD, direclty opposite the Queen Victoria Building, close to Town Hall train station.

For a very cheap $11, Jimmy's serves up an excellent beef laksa with a generous serve of good quality beef, some big peices of delicious baked tofu which soaks up the soup. There are some nice crispy bean sprouts and a big pile of delicious thin rice noodles at the bottom of the soup.

Number 2 best laksa in Sydney - Jimmy's recipe

Number 3 Laksa in Sydney

To's Malaysian Restaurant North Sydney

For the number 3 best Laksa in Sydney you need to take a trip over the Harbour Bridge to North Sydney. Located on Miller Street is To's Malaysian Restaurant which has been serving up tasty Malaysian cuisine and great Laksas for over 20 years. To's is a small restaurant only opened for lunch during the week and on Saturdays.

Number 3 best laksa in Sydney - To's Malaysian Restaurant

Number 4 Laksa in Sydney

Pho Pasteur in Parramatta

Now for a trip out to the Sydney Western Suburb of Parramatta for our choice of the number 3 best Laksa in Sydney. Pho Pasteur Vietnamese Restaurant had a restaurant across from Parramatta Train Station though that closed down in February 2014. They do have another restuarant located at Pho Pasteur 137 Church Street Parramatta, they also have a located at Pho Pasteur 709 George Street Haymarket Sydney close to Central Train Station. As well as an extensive menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisine they have a choice of Laksa including vegetable, Chicken, beef and seafood. Served with a plate of bean sprouts and chilli and at a reasonable price of $10.50 for a huge bowl of tasty Laksa.

Number 4 best laksa in Sydney - Pho Pasteur Restaurant

Number 5 Laksa in Sydney

Ipoh Town Barangaroo

If you are looking for a spicy laksa then head down to Bararangaroo which is the new commercial area on the western edge of the Sydney CBD. The chicken laksa at Ipoh Town costs $11.50.

Located in The Canteen food court is Ipoh Town which serves up a great range of Malaysia food including on the best laksas in Sydney

The laksa at Ipoh Town comes out with a bright red top on the soup, which is the colour from the red chillies used to cook the laksa soup.

Inside the laksa soup are loads of goodies including some big pieces of baked tofu, slices of spring onions and a generous serve of good quality chicken. There are also 2 types of noodles inside the laksa soup, the think rice noodles and some thick egg noodles which give it some extra texture while eating this delight.

Number 5 best laksa in Sydney - Ipoh Town

Number 6 Laksa in Sydney

Baba Laksa House York Street Sydney CBD

Back into the city for the number 4 best Laksa in Sydney in a small Malaysian Restaurant underneath the Grace Hotel on York Street, half way between Wynyard and Town Hall train stations. Ba Ba Laksa House specialises in Laksa as well as other traditional Malaysian Cuisine. Ba Ba Laksa House may look like an ordinary take away food shop in the city but it is more than that. Rather than the normal large round bowl, Ba Ba Laksa House serve their tasty Laksa on an oval bowl - rather fancy. Only open at lunch time 7 days a week from 11.30am - 3pm.

Number 6 best laksa in Sydney - Babe Laksa House

Number 7 Laksa in Sydney

Laksa King Erskine Street Sydney CBD

The number 7 best Laksa in Sydney is another surprise. Coming from another well known city eating house located on King Street close to Wynyard Station. Laksa King is another place that looks a bit ordinary but serves up really good Malaysian and Thai Cuisine. And with a name like Laksa King no one should be surprised they serve up great Laksa. With an option of take-away or dine in on their lovely plastic tables and chairs. Give their Laksa a try, you will not be disappointed.

Number 7 best laksa in Sydney - Laksa King

Number 8 Laksa in Sydney

Thai Fusion Restaurant Kirribilli

Another trip over the Harbour Bridge, off at Milson's Point and walk down the hill to Kirribilli and you will come across a Thai restaurant that serves a mean Laksa. I was surprised when I went to Thai Fusion Restaurant and saw they had Laksa on the menu. It is not often you see Laksa in a Thai restaurant - so I had to try. The bowl came out. The bowl was only small but it looked delicious, it smelled delicious and after polishing off the bowl of Laksa I can report that it was absolutely delicious. Well worth a trip over to this small Thai Restaurant on the lower north shore of Sydney.

Number 8 best laksa in Sydney - Thai Fusion Restaurant