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Parramatta is located 23km from Sydney's CBD, a city/suburb of Sydney city. Parramatta means 'river of eels' in the local Aborigine language. Parramatta is Australia's 6th largest city with a population of around 150,000 people.


Parramatta was the second location that was settled in Australia. Captain Arthur Philip first traveled up the Parramatta river to Parramatta on the 2nd November 1788. The first settlers came to Parramatta in 1789 because of it's fertile farming land.

Parramatta River

Parramatta River

Parramatta still has some fine examples of historical buildings from the early settlers.

Parramatta park has some fine historical sites including the original Government House where Governor Arthur lived. The house is still standing in remarkable condition and is open to the public.

Parramatta Park entrance Tudor Gatehouse

Tudor Gatehouse - entrance to Parramatta Park built in 1885

Pubs and Bars in Parramatta

There are a number of great pubs and bars to drink at in Parramatta including some of the oldest pubs in Australian with real character and charm.

Woolpack Hotel 19 George St Parramatta is one of the oldest pubs in Sydney dating back to 1796. It has been recently renovated. The Woolpack Hotel serves good Thai food at lunch and dinner.

Woolpack Hotel Parramatta

Woolpack Hotel Parramatta

The Collector Hotel

The Commerical Hotel

Parramatta Farmers Markets

Parramatta Farmers Markets, opened every Saturday in Church Street mall in front of the Parramatta Town Hall, are the oldest farmers markets operating in Australia. The farmers markets first started in 1791 though are very different today. Instead of purely fruit and vegetable markets now they sell everything from pot plants, clothing, jewelry and massage.

Parramatta Farmers Markets every Saturday

Lake Parramatta

Lake Parramatta is a nature reserve located just 2 kilometers north of the Parramatta CBD. Lake Parramatta was created by damming Hunts Creek. Lake Parramatta is a great place to go for a picnic or a walk through the bush lands. In summer time Lake Parramatta is also a popular swimming location./

Getting to Parramatta

There are trains running from the Sydney CBD along the Western Line to Parramatta. There are express trains that travel through Central Station which will take around 25 minutes to get to Parramatta. A non express train will take around 40 minutes.

A taxi from the Sydney CBD to Parramatta will cost around $80.


Last updated 19th January 2016

St John's Cathedral Parramatta

St John's Cathedral Parramatta opened in 1855

St Patrick's Cathedral Parramatta

St Patrick's Cathedral Parramatta


All Saint's Church Parramatta North

All Saint's Church opened in 1847

Parramatta Town Hall

Parramatta Town Hall built 1880

Shopping in Parramatta

Westfield's Parramatta is one of the largest shopping centres in Australia with over 6000 shops including the large department stores David Jones and Myers, Kmarts, Target and lots of fashion and speciality stores. There is also a massive food court on the top level. There is also a huge Events Cinema located in Westfields Parramatta showing the latest movies.

Westfield's Parramatta

China Town in Parramatta

On Church Street in Parramatta, just up from Westfields Parramatta is a small stretch which has become a small Chinatown with a number of Chinese Restaurants lining the streets. During Chinese New Year celebrations the street is blocked off for a street parade. The next Chinese New Year is Sunday 10th February 2013 which will start the Year of the Snake. Chinese dragons will travel along the street visiting the restaurants to bring in Chinese New Year.


Theatre in Parramatta

Just north of the Parramatta River is the Riverside Theatre Parramatta showing all sorts of theatre performances, musicals, comedy and other entertainment

Sport in Parramatta

Parramatta Stadium located right next to Parramatta Park is the home to the Parramatta Eels Rugby League team as well as the Western Sydney Wanderers Soccer team.

Just along from Parramatta Stadium is the Parramatta Memorial Swimming Centre which has an Olympic sized 50m swimming pool. Parramatta Public Pool is only open during the swimming season October - April.

Restaurants in Parramatta

As Parramatta is a very multi-cultural suburb in Sydney, it benefits from this by having a great selection of restaurants.

Check out our list of Restaurants in Parramatta including restaurant reviews.




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