Chefs Gallery Chinese Restaurant Parramatta

Name: Chefs Gallery Chinese Restaurant

Type: Modern Chinese restaurant

Address: 159 - 175 Church Street Parramatta

Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday 11am - 10pm, Sun - Wed 11am - 9.30pm

Phone: (02) 8810 8881

Website: Chefs Gallery Parramatta

Chefs Gallery Chinese Restaurant Parramatta

Chefs Gallery Chinese Restarant Parramatta - The Art of Chinese Cuisine is located in the heart of Parramatta just down from Parramatta Train Station, next to the bus terminal.

Chefs Gallery Chinese Restaurant serves modern Chinese food, not just you average local Chinese take away food, but well thought out dishes with fresh ingredients and a twist to your standard chinese food.

The kitchen is surrounded by glass so you can see straight inside to see the clean kitchen and see all the chefs prepare the food. Large bamboo steamers are full of delicious dumplings and the large woks are fired up with delicious stir fries.

A great restaurant in Parramatta.

Chefs Gallery Chinese Restaurant Parramatta Reviews

Review submitted 15th April 2016 - from Scott

A very decent Chinese food, very different from other Chinese food. More modern and a mix of foods including some delicious roti rolls full of shreded lamb. Yummo. Also the Wagyu beef was delicious. Great food, great service and prices are very reasonable.

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